Uganda 2003
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Kampala City Centre
Marabou storks are everywhere in Kampala -  53 KB
Marabou in Kampala City
These hugh ugly birds with their wingspan make quit some noise when they fly over -  33 KB
Marabou in Kampala
Here it is all quite, but frequently the traffic is major chaos in Kampala. -  37 KB
Street view - Kampala
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Street view - Kampala
The Kampala New Taxi Park (as well as the Old Taxi Park) is big chaos. Only after visiting a couple of times you know how to find the right minibus -  32 KB
Kampala New Taxi Park
The Kampala Old Taxi park was the most chaotic taxipark of southeast Africa. The government build a new taxi park to do something about this chaos. Now Kampala has the two most chaotic taxi parks of South East Africa -  35 KB
Kampala New Taxi Park
Now still empty, but carrying a minimum of 20 passengers before it leaves. Don't ask me how you fit in 20 people in these minibusses, somehow they manage -  45 KB
All to keen to get his picture taken -  40 KB
Minibus Driver